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Trucks are exceedingly dangerous to others on the road

Truck drivers have an obligation to others on the road. Since they drive such large vehicles, they have the potential to cause serious accidents. It's their job to be on the roads, but it's also vital that they are cautious and trained appropriately to avoid crashes.

Truck accidents happen for many reasons, most of which could be prevented completely. For example, a driver who is distracted may look away from the road long enough to go over the center line. A driver who is eating behind the wheel may spill a drink and make a driving error as a result.

Why are truck crashes so much more likely to cause injuries to others?

The primary reason has to do with the truck's size and weight. Since many commercial vehicles weigh 80,000 pounds or more, it's a significant amount of weight to hit a passenger vehicle. If the trailer falls onto the vehicle, it could crush a typical car or truck's cabin along with the people inside.

Trucks also have a harder time stopping. Their extra weight puts much pressure on the brake system, so the driver needs extra time to slow down and stop to avoid a crash. That's why anyone driving around a truck should create plenty of space in front of the truck.

Likewise, if the truck driver is following you too closely and you have to stop in your passenger vehicle suddenly, the driver may not have time to slow down. That could result in a serious rear-end collision or multi-vehicle collision depending on the circumstances.

How can you avoid a truck crash?

As a passenger vehicle's driver, you can prevent accidents by staying out of a truck's "no-zone," the area along the side of the vehicle, as well as giving the truck plenty of room on all sides. If you are still impacted as a result of the driver's behaviors, then you can be sure that you were not directly at fault for the collision.

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